Suggested Destinations :

1hr rental : Sightseeing in the Grand harbour of Valletta. From our base to Valletta takes around 20 mins, 20 mins sight seeing and 20 mins return.

2hr rental : Got time for a quick swim? We created the 2hr option for such. Mellieha Bay and Imgiebah bay are ideal for such.

Half Day Rental : If you are after a swim the most popular is Blue Lagoon in Comino. Tends to be very busy with boats in the afternoon. From our base to Comino it will take you around 45 mins to an hour. If you got some time left you can stop in Mellieha Bay which is also lovely and less busy than Blue Lagoon.

Full Day Rental : We suggest a visiting Blue Lagoon in the morning, then stop in Mellieha and leave some time for some sightseeing of Valletta by boat before returning to base.

Guests renting half day and full day boats, we strongly suggest to leave early in the day. Blue Lagoon gets really busy with boats from 11:00 am which might disappoint you.

A local map will be given on each rental.

Note : When renting a boat from Pembroke Water Sports you agree to use it for leisure and pleasure and not as a party boat that will annoy/anger other boaters.

Basic Navigation Rules

In any bay or harbour the legal boat speed is 5 knots which means that the boat cannot create a wave.

Most bays have a yellow buoy at the exit. Once you are further out from that you may accelerate.

While the boat is being driven you are to keep 100 meters away from other boats and 300m from the shoreline.

Boat driver must be of age 18 years or over.

Any fines given by authorities to the skipper shall be paid by the skipper that signs the contract.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any of our crafts.

Guests that according to us are under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed on our crafts.